Where to stay in Havana - Cuba


Information about the differences between lodging in a Hotel, an apartment or a private house in Havana Cuba


Is it better to go to a hotel, or rent an apartment or a private room? :



It is a valid option and the characteristics of Hotels in Cuba are similar to those of other destinations. It is also the only option if you want to go to a Cayo, where you can only stay in Hotels or in nearby towns. If you decide to stay in a Hotel we recommend this link where you can book in real time with full guarantee and an advantageous cancellation policy:


Rooms for Rent in Private House:

It is the most economical. The owners of the houses that they rent are professionals, they live on it, it is a regulated activity by the government for which they pay taxes by obtaining a license. Only the houses that have for tourism a room prepared with certain comforts are granted.

Owners know you need privacy and give it, security and provide it because they are responsible for you while at home, treating you poorly can mean losing your license that is your livelihood. Staying in a private house in addition you will always have someone you want to talk to, who to ask advice or information, because the owners of the houses act as friends.

Apartment or Detached House Rental:

It is the accommodation preferred by the majority because it gives them total privacy and independence. Our website is specialized in this type of accommodation.

As in Cuba taxes are paid per room, you should choose the apartment with the rooms suitable for your needs as it will be cheaper. Sometimes in low season, a two-room apartment is rented to a tourist who only needs one at a lower price than with both and closes the one that is not used.