Restaurants where to eat in Havana

Where to eat in Havana (if I am rented in an apartment or private house)

When you stay in a private house in Havana or in one of our apartments, you will always find that the owners or managers of the rent will offer you "gastronomy", served in the apartment itself, which is a way of offering you A service and supplement their income. The food will be the typical Cuban or Creole that is described below and the price between 6 and 8 cuc.

You can think of saving yourself money by buying yourself food in supermarkets and cooking in the apartment and you will surely be surprised if I tell you that it will come out cheaper and more comfortable to eat out on the street to one of the Innumerable state restaurants or private "paladares".

This is so because in Cuba circulate two currencies, the CUC (which is like the tourist buys in the supermarkets) and the Cuban Peso, which is 25 times cheaper and is the currency with which the Cubans buy in the agros and in the Butchers

This makes many of the apartments we offer do not have kitchen, or have a "pantry" which is a small kitchen to prepare something light. The owners prefer to make a room in the apartment in the place of the kitchen because in practice the tourist does not use it.

The cuc supermarkets in Havana are few and expensive, while the restaurants are cheap and luxurious and there are everywhere. They usually offer "menus" called "tables" to 2 or 3 cuc (drink separately). You know that 1 cuc equals one dollar, or less than one euro.

There are also innumerable places to eat light things, pitzas, plates combined, etc.

The menu offered in both houses and apartments in Havana, as well as in the majority of Cuban state restaurants or palates (although there is also international cuisine), is based on salad (cucumber, cabbage and tomato), rice, beans and Roast pork (pork). It complements cassava and tamales.

The "paladares" are small private restaurants (of up to 20 diners or five tables) that compete with the rest that are bigger and state. It is one of the private businesses allowed in Cuba. They are everywhere.

Cuban food, also called criolla, is composed mainly of roasted pork fillet, which is pre-seasoned for hours, tomato salad, cucumber and cabbage, legumes, (green beans, potato and the rich cassava), rice congri Or white rice and beans (beans), drink and sweet desserts based on coconut and guava.

Then we will advise you some of the best, most famous state restaurants, and with best value for money in Havana.


We will divide them by zones: ( More information about accommodation areas in apartments and casas particulares of Havana)

Recommendation: They say that in Cuba, the delay is part of their folklore. When you go to eat at a Cuban restaurant, especially if it is luxurious, be patient and try to be well accompanied so that the wait is enjoyable.

All restaurants have air conditioning

IN VEDADO ¿what is Vedado?

- Restaurant El Conejito, specializing in dishes with rabbit, (grilled, with tomato, garlic, casserole with potatoes, etc.) although they serve all kinds of food. The food is served by a pianist (on grand piano) who can be asked for dedicated songs. It faces the famous building Focsa (the tallest skyscraper in Havana with 33 floors) in Vedado.

- Restaurant LA ROCA near the National Hotel and next to the Bunny, in the 21 st street of Vedado. Very luxurious, tablecloths and cloth napkins, ebony woods, grand piano with pianist to request dedicated songs, and is one of the restaurants where students practice the school of gastronomy in Havana. Very economical, you eat well for about 3 euros.

- BULERIAS is a cafe bar and restaurant with terrace opposite the hotel Habana Libre. At night singers and comedians also perform and offers combined dishes and meals at a good price.)

- DINOS PIZZA, next to the Cinema Yara and in front of the Hotel Habana Libre, magnificent pizzas of various kinds and sizes. You can take them or eat them there.

- "MARACAS" Restaurant and pizzeria. Perfect for eating all kinds of pastas and pizzas (lasagne, etc.). It is going down the 23 (the ramp) and twisting by the street N, to 20 meters of the corner.

- Cafeteria of the Hotel Habana Libre, in Vedado, has selected but more expensive food, you have to keep in mind that it is a five star hotel. They are recommended hot sandwiches, delicious and good size at the price of 7 CUC (5.5 euros) approximately. The worst thing is that they charge the drink 2.25 CUC (1.75 euros).

- Cafeteria La Torre Restaurant, located on the 32nd floor of FOCSA building, with spectacular views of Havana as the place is all glass. Very recommendable also for a cocktail, (mojito, daikiri, ...) that are very economical.
Remember that this building has spectacular apartments

- El Emperador, luxurious and economical restaurant located on the ground floor of the FOCSA building, with live singer pianist and dishes of meat and fish of great quality. Their fiery desserts are spectacular, to serve them turn off the light of the place.

- La Casona, in front of the building Focsa, on 17th Street. It is a grilled meat and fish grill cooked with a very pleasant terrace.

- The House of Friendship, a very large house, among gardens, with restaurants, coffee shops and barbecue. Also Cuban dishes of criollo food very well seasoned. Indoor and outdoor, terraces and huge gardens where weddings are also held. Specialty in the tasting of national and international cocktails.

- Hotel Nacional, with beautiful gardens where you can enjoy cocktails. Restaurant with select food. It is delicious to go in the evening to enjoy a cocktail.


IN OLD HAVANA (LA HABANA VIEJA): ¿what is Old Havana?

- The Canary Islands Association has a restaurant on the first floor of its headquarters, in front of the building "Bacardi" of Old Havana. It is a simple place, without luxury, but where they serve good and copious food and very fast. It does not have air conditioning because every table has a fan. Efficient and friendly service and you can eat for a "table" (menu) for 3 or 4 CUC (about 2.5 Euros).

- The Asturian Association has a restaurant at its headquarters in front of the Capitol. It is called "Los Nardos". It is an intimate and distinguished place, illuminated with candles arranged at each table. It eats very well and there are great variety of dishes and desserts, although it is convenient to reserve a table for not to wait. They do very well the lamb in the oven, the dish costs about 7 cuc (5.5 euros) and the amount is exaggerated, it is difficult to finish the dish.

- Hanoi Restaurant, which is located in the Plaza del Santo Cristo del Buen Viaje, is the street that is just opposite the Capitol. You can eat Creole food for 3 or 4 cuc (2.5 euros). It is a place very visited by the tourists and has covered restaurant and also outdoors on terrace, with live music.

- Chinese restaurants. In Havana there is a whole neighborhood where a Chinese population is concentrated many years ago and they have specially set up restaurant businesses. Their specialty is the rice along with the shrimp or lobster, which in Cuba is very cheap. The area is behind the Capitol and is called Chinatown because many Chinese live, without any other meaning. By the way, the mixture of Chinese, white and black, gives a race of an exotic and indescribable beauty, that you can appreciate in this area.

- Prado and Neptuno, another restaurant in the area at the intersection of both streets with specialty in Italian food and Cuban cuisine. You can also taste in your bar all kinds of cocktails.

- Los Doce Apostoles Restaurant, is located across the Bay of Havana (you have to use taxi to get there), there is a beautiful restaurant with an incredible view of Havana and delicious Cuban and international food. It is enlivened by bands that sing boleros live.

MIRAMAR ¿what is Miramar? :

- El Aljibe Restaurant, very famous and well known, specializing in grilled chicken in the Creole style. It is accompanied by rice, beans, salad, etc. that is served without limit, with waiters who are adding these culinary complements by the tables.


The culinary offer in Havana is very wide, eating is very economical and find places and restaurants everywhere. If you are in a hurry there are countless places where you can eat pizzas and the famous and tasty fried chicken with potatoes.