Visa, Insurance and Customs Norms to enter Cuba

What is necessary to enter Cuba. PASSAGE - VISA (tourist card) - MEDICAL INSURANCE - CUSTOMS STANDARDS


To travel to Cuba it is necessary to take a round trip ticket, a visa or tourist card and travel insurance with sickness coverage.

VISA or Tourist Card:

It has a validity of one month, prorogable for another month being in Cuba (in the immigration offices of any capital of Cuban province).

It is obtained in the Cuban consulates of any country, also in many travel agencies or Cuban tourism agencies.

It is not obligatory to enter Cuba to put the accommodation in the Visa (in the modern forms it no longer consists of that section), but you will be asked to enter Cuba in immigration.

Never lie to the officer telling him that he will be where he will not be, nor names of fictitious hotels, that is punishable by law.

In Cuba it is obligatory to be registered where you spend the night, the houses and apartments register it as the hotels and you can have problems when leaving if you have stayed unregistered (for example in friends' houses, relatives or unlicensed houses), that is a Scam to the state.

The authorities take care of the tourists, so they need to be able to find it in case of any medical emergency, or cyclone threat, etc.

More information, assessment and online application of the Medical Insurance

CUSTOMS, which carry, permitted and prohibited:

You can take to Cuba up to 30 kilos of weight plus ten kilos in medicines in separate package.

All passengers arriving in Cuba have the right to carry 30 kg. equipment weight (calledmiscellaneous) between and baggage checked at no cost.

They also have right to bear no cost 10 kg of drugs (for help) when they fill in the original boxes and packaging in addition to their personal belongings.

If this is the case, pick up your suitcase, change some money on the CADECA (Casa de Cambio) to be right there (remember to give notes of 1, 5 and 10 CUC to pay the taxi), and you can come out .


Read and print our tips for what to do since I got off the plane until arrival at your accommodation in: tips-arrival

If it takes more than 30 kg. Total (carry-on suitcase more) may indicate that despite the baggage that there are few scales for that purpose, attended by officials. If over 30 kg must be paid 10 cuc per kilo added.

If you bring items to import, or not considered "miscellaneous" must make a customs declaration.

The entry of cash to Cuba is free, but if the passenger carrying amount is greater than $ 5000.00 USD or its equivalent in other currencies, you must complete the Customs Declaration. Only Cuba is allowed out of 5000 USD or its equivalent.


All customs regulations in Cuba (items that can lead, weight, etc..), You can find on the official website of the office of Cuba at this link:

For your convenience we reproduce here some texts, but should consult the mentioned Web for more security or if there was any modification.

a) to twenty (25) kilograms of MISCELLANEOUS according to the definition device that sets the Third Section of this Resolution to be considered personal effects, regardless of whether or not for personal use, free payment of customs duties;

b) Up to five (5) kilograms of MISCELLANEOUS as import, at a price of ten (10) weights equal to one (1) kilogram exempt from customs duties; c) Up to ten (10) kilograms of drugs, free from payment of customs duties, provided that bring bagged separately from other items;

In the Customs tariffs are charged only for the office services that are $ 2.00. Payment is made only on the box of the Customs. Insist on your receipt, make sure that paid corresponds to the amount that reflects the receipt and keep it as proof:


You can contribute to the agility of his office and avoided trouble if:
Correctly filled Passenger Customs Declaration.
Bring medications and other items that are exempt from payment bundles separate and independent from the rest of your luggage.
Adjust the weight limit of 1000 authorized to import.
Do not bring prohibited import items.
Do not bring items that are subject to permits from other agencies without having theauthorization document.
Do not bring excessive amounts of the same article, which can be assumed a commercial nature.
Tells the Inspector of Customs if you have baggage shared (baggage attached more than one passenger in one or more packages).
For more information, contact phone numbers: 883-8282, 883-7575 and 881-9732 (all from Havana) or through the Web Site of the Cuban Customs whose address is:publico@agr.aduana. cu



TOURISTS are considered, passengers who are not Cuban citizens and have permanent residence abroad.

Tourists enjoy the provisions of the Convention on Customs Facilities for Tourism. They are entitled to bring their personal effects, provided they are for personal use, that carry or in the baggage that accompanies them, there are no reasons to fear that there is abuse and that they are re-exported on departure the country.


Personal effects are considered, in addition to clothing and other items reasonably required by tourists for its use, given the circumstances of the journey, others depending on tourism to make, such as:

- Jewelry
- personal
- Camera and film accompanied by a reasonable quantity of film, cassettes and accessories thereto
- Electric slide show or movie laptop and its accessories and a reasonable quantity of slides or films
- Twins
- Musical instrument
- Sound reproducing apparatus and video player (portable DVD) including recorders, CD players and portable dictation with tapes, and disks
- Electric Radio Receiver, Portable
- Cell phone or mobile
- Electric portable TV
- M Aquinas to write portable
- Personal computer (laptop) and accessories
- Portable calculating machine
- Car of children
- Wheel chair for disabled
- Sports Teams
- Personal devices that allow removing or inserting information in personal computers and portable, such as flash memory, MP3, MP4, IPOD, agenda book, PALM and the like.

If you only bring items considered as personal effects and do not carry cash in an amount exceeding $ 5000.00 USD or its equivalent in other currencies, or other equipment, DO NOT HAVE TO FILL OUT THE CUSTOMS DECLARATION FOR PASSENGERS.

The above facilities and exemptions may not be available in cases of tourists come to Cuba more than once a month, or less than ten years.

It reiterates that it is allowed into the country by passengers walkie talkie, GPS satellite and cellular communication.

This regulation also applies to tourists.


I should not bring with me to enter the country

Do not bring or baggage that accompanies it:

- Drugs and Narcotics. see list
- Psychotropic substances or list alucinógenos.Ver
- Precursor substances.
- Explosives.
- Blood Products.
- Literature, articles and obscene or pornographic or which infringe the general interests of the nation.
- It supports the importation of all electrical equipment and parts,
except those high consumers as listed below: freezers or freezer new, with a capacity greater than seven (7) feet of any capacity in the case of equipment use air conditioners, stoves and electric stoves of any type and model, electric ovens, any type, model and capacity; electric showers, of any type and capacity, electric fryers, of any type and capacity, electric water heaters; electric irons, whose consumption exceeds 290 watts without spraying, or 703 watts with spray and steam, electric toasters, and electrical resistance of any type.

Not supported as well:

- Light vehicles engine (cars, motorcycles and bicycles combustion engine).
- Motors and bodywork of cars and motorcycles (frames).
- Animal products
(cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and all species of ungulate) that can carry disease. See official information of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine



What do we mean by personal?

Means personal items, new or used, that a traveler may reasonably require for your use during your trip, taking into account all the circumstances of this trip and intermediate stays, excluding any goods imported or exported for commercial purposes.

For travelers arriving in the country as tourists, means personal effects those items listed as such in the Convention on Customs Facilities for Tourism

¿I can import medicines?

All passengers may import up to 10 kgs. of drugs which should come in their original containers and not expressly prohibited or subject to permits or licenses, if not possessed it. For these drugs do not pay customs duties.

When I fill out the customs declaration to enter the country?

The Passenger Customs Declaration shall be filled and when brought in addition to personal effects, which are subject to payment of customs duties, or when the passenger carrying cash in excess of 5000.00 USD or equivalent in other currencies.

What items should I declare?

Shall be stated, all items that are not part of personal effects, subject to the payment of law or expressly exempted.

In addition:
Weapons (firearms, white or other) and their ammunition
Live animals, animal products or plant Samples or other items for commercial purposes pornography
Satellite communications equipment
Other communication equipment (Walkie Talkie)
Cash if it exceeds five thousand (5,000.00) USD or equivalent in other currencies.
Works of art and museum pieces
Any item of value that the passenger provide re (take it to the output).

What is the limit of what I can import?

In addition to personal effects may be imported by paying customs duties that apply, new or used items to a maximum of $ 1,000.00 (one thousand).

What if I import items for more than $ 1,000.00?

Items that exceed the maximum allowed ($ 1,000.00) shall be subject to forfeiture.

What is the amount or tariff that applies to items that are not classified as personal effects?

Articles imported by passengers in excess of fifty dollars and ninety nine cents ($ 50.99) up to a value of one thousand dollars ($ 1 000.00), pay a progressive rate corresponding to the value of imports, as set forth below :

from $ 51.00 to $ 250.99 100%
from $ 251.00 to $ 500.99 150%
from $ 501.00 to $ 1,000.00 200%

What currency are paid customs duties?

If you are a permanent resident in Cuba, regardless of nationality paid in local currency (pesos). If you are a permanent resident abroad, regardless of nationality, pay in hard currency (Convertible Cuban Peso) apply the official exchange rate.

Why else would I have paid excess baggage to the carrier must pay again to Customs?

What you pay to the carrier company is the cost of excess baggage (cargo) that are traveling. All travelers, according to the travel class, is entitled to a certain amount of kgs maximum weight of luggage, above which must pay a fee. However, what you must pay to Customs are customs duties, which are set by the value of the merchandise is imported

What is the customs duty applies to goods that are exported?

In Cuba, exports are not encumbered by any tariff.

How many crooked cigars can be exported without making the purchase invoice?

You can export up to 50 units twisted loose tobacco or their packaging, without having to purchase invoice.

How many teams from the same type I can import?

You can, on every trip, import up to 2 teams of each type that does not exceed the limit set value. Example: 2 DVD, Play Station 2, 2 VCD, 2 TV, 2 refrigerators, 2 stereos, etc.. The excess will be confiscated.

How many times I can do imports as a passenger?

Each time you ride.

¿I can import a computer that requires permission of competent authority, take him and manage the permit after my arrival in Cuba?

No. The permit has to be managed and secured before embarking on Cuba.

Can The import of goods to Cuba minors in their capacity as passengers?

For a child may import passenger status must be 10 years of age and be represented by a person aged under 10 years edad.Los can not perform import. They can only bring personal effects of their age.

¿I can carry pets?

You may bring to Cuba pets (dogs, cats, etc. ..), provided they are accompanied by the appropriate Health Certificate of Immunization issued by the appropriate authority of the country of origin. In all cases the authorization is granted by the border veterinary medical authority in Cuba that is determined by taking into account the health and vaccination certificate is submitted, the health conditions of the animal and country of origin, to exempt them from quarantine.

In the case of an animal of the endangered species protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) will also be required CITES certificate issued by the Authority of the country of origin.

A tourist can import items not classified as personal effects?

You can import items as provided for all passengers as to limit in value, applicable fees, number of items and currency.

What I can import goods free of duties?

Pharmaceuticals developed, wheelchairs for the handicapped, scientific, technical, art and literature; sheet music, records, tapes, slides and films for teaching, prosthesis, when replacing or replace an organ or part thereof; and equipment, books or materials intended for the blind.

The medals, awards and prizes awarded abroad, and products as gifts or prizes received Cuban citizens in their capacity as scientists, athletes, artists or another, where it can prove its origin with the relevant document.