Bus tour in Havana


The tourist bus of Havana Bus Tour, with the upper part open air, crosses the city of Havana and the bus covered also the whole coast (Beaches of the East).

For 5 cuc / dia (about 4 euros) you can get on and off as many times as you want, to see everything with peace of mind.

You can bathe in the beautiful white coral beaches of Santa Maria del Mar and return to the city.

HabanaBusTour is the ideal transport for those who wish to make a panoramic visit to the beautiful city of Havana and photograph the monuments, theaters, squares and parks that treasure the extraordinary cultural, historical and natural flow of Havana, Cuba's main tourist destination .

Nine modern buses, beautifully labeled, three of them two floors, convertible, with capacity for 136 people, 76 of them comfortably seated, is the support with which will operate the system of tourist routes hopon-hopoff (ups and downs) for routes of approximately An hour and 30 minutes of urban tourist excursion.

The service will initially cover three routes, two of which will converge on the historic José Martí Revolution Square and the other on the Central Park (in front of the Capitol), a favorite place for habaneros during the last decades of the 19th century and the first Half of the twentieth century.

The trips will come from the most popular habanero resort, Santa María del Mar, to the east, and the Marina Hemingway to the west, and in the aesthetic order they will contribute with their intermittent movements to either side of Havana City, to visual improvement Of the urban urban environment.

A ticket or ticket worth 5.00 CUC per day, allows the traveler to enjoy the system of tourist routes from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in which the last routes of the routes start in the day.

HabanaBusTour has as a background similar products that are successfully marketed in other tourist centers of the national archipelago: Varadero, Viñales, Jardines del Rey, Trinidad, Baracoa, and Guardalavaca, the latter two in the easternmost region of the island.



T1. Alameda de Paula - José Martí Revolution Square (main route)

Distance: 23 Kilometers round trip.
Stops: Castillo de la Real Fuerza
- Sevilla Hotel - Central Park - Presidente Hotel - Plaza de la Revolución
- Napoleonic Museum and University of Havana - Hotel Habana Libre
- House of the Americas and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, - Prado and San Lázaro - National Capitol and Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment - Floridita Restaurant - Cabaña Bar - Marina Building - Alameda de Paula.

T2. Marina Hemingway - José Martí Revolution Square (secondary route)

Distance: 40 kilometers round trip.
Stops: La Ferminia Restaurant
- Nautical Shopping Center
- La Cecilia Restaurant - Miramar Trade Center - National Aquarium
- 1st and 28 Model of Havana
- 1st and 18th Don Cangrejo Restaurant
- Cira García International Clinic
- 23rd Street and 47th Ave west of the bridge over the Almendares River - Colon Cemetery - Revolution Square.
On the return to the Hemingway Marina the same stops are made.

T3. Central Park - Playa de Santa María del Mar (secondary route)

Distance: 65 kilometers round trip.
Stops: Exit of the Tunnel to Playas del Este - Naval Hospital - Panamerican Villa - Alamar - Villa Bacuranao - Taramar, in front of the Tarará Marina - Villa Mégano - Hotel Tropicoco - Hotel Blau Arenal, former Itabo.
In the return to the Central Park the same stops are made.


HabanaBusTour schedules and prices:

Hours: 09:00 / 21:00
Price: $ 17.00 CUC
(Valid for one day, includes transfer to or from any HabanaBusTour route, and the rate fare is the same for national and