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Information and purchase of MEDICAL INSURANCE TRAVEL required to enter Cuba

* (Read below the Legal Regulations)

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Travel to Cuba that is in Central America

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All foreigners and Cubans living abroad are required to have medical insurance to cover their medical expenses in case of illness or accident during their stay in Cuba.

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- You will receive the contract by email with your data and a reference number.
- You will receive the free telephone number to call in case of an incident
- Legally valid for medical assistance in Cuba
- Present this contract in Cuba if requested by Customs.

What to do if you have an illness or accident problem in Cuba?

If you have a problem in Cuba, call the toll-free number provided and your name and contract number and they will tell you what to do.

In Havana there is an exclusive Hospital for foreigners called Hospital Cira Garcia. Get there if possible with your insurance contract and authorization and there will attend and will process the collection with your company without you have to pay anything.

Address Hospital Cira Garcia: Calle 20 No. 4101 esq. To Av. 41, Miramar, Playa.
Telephone: (53) (7) 204 2811 - Fax: (53) (7) 204 1633 - Fax: (53) (7) 204 2640

What to do in case of an accident:

First step: Contact the insurer

Always in case you need to use any of the coverages included in your travel insurance, immediately get in touch with the insurer.

Necessary information:

Always have the information of the Name of the Insured and of the policy holder, or the policy number on your certificate, always available.


Request and save all certificates and invoices that may affect any of the requested guarantees.

There are many cases of passengers who do not report the purchase of medication or loss of luggage to the company and then return from their trip present the incident, which causes complications at the time of collection.

All insurers provide contact numbers in the documentation so you can contact the assistance centers and coordinate the care, reimbursement or otherwise record the claim so that you can claim your compensation, remember that it is important to tell the company about some Accident that affects any of the guarantees offered in your policy.

In cases of force majeure, contact the insurer where possible.

Inform us of the event:

Aseguratuviaje is an independent company whose purpose is to always offer you the best options, advise you and accompany you in case you need it. Insurers mostly inform us about the claims of our customers, but as our intention is to accompany you to any inconvenience and to monitor the service that the companies offer you, we need within your possibilities to keep us abreast of your loss.

What to do in case of an emergency and take you to a medical center without time to advise the Travel Insurance Company:

In this case you will pay the expenses, and once back in your country of origin, against the presentation of invoices, the insurer will make you cash the reimbursement of all expenses up to the limit that indicates your policy. If possible, it is always important for someone to call the insurance company's operational headquarters.

Loss of luggage:

Loss of luggage by airlines, airports, etc. Is very common in all countries of the world. In case your luggage does not appear:

Step 1: Check with the airport claims office.
Step 2: When making the complaint, be as explicit as possible regarding the contents of your suitcase.
Step 3: Get in touch with your insurer right away.

Aseguratuviaje offers you the best options in travel insurance, there is no vaccine that can avoid unforeseen, the biggest recommendation is that you take out insurance so that your trip is protected ALWAYS.



The Executive Committee of the Cuban Council of Ministers, on February 16, 2010, has agreed a law that REQUIRES MANDATORY that all foreigners who enter Cuba as of the 1st. Of May 2010, they need to have a travel insurance policy with coverage of medical expenses.

FIRST: To oblige all travelers, foreigners and Cubans residing abroad, to enter the country, to have a travel insurance policy, with coverage of medical expenses, issued by insurance entities recognized in Cuba.

SECOND: To require foreigners with temporary residence in Cuba to have a medical insurance policy during their stay in the country, issued by a Cuban or foreign insurer, as long as it is recognized in Cuba.

THIRD: Exclude from the application of the previous provision to the diplomatic personnel and to the representatives of the international organizations, accredited in Cuba.

FOURTH: To instruct the Minister of Finance and Prices to approve the forms of collection of medical services and the value of insurance policies to be contracted with Cuban insurers, applicable to travelers, both foreigners and Cubans residing abroad and ex Temporary resident foreigners.

FIFTH: The Ministers of Public Health and Tourism are empowered, as far as each one is concerned, to dictate the rules regarding the reordering of medical care to travelers, both foreigners and Cubans residing abroad, and to foreign temporary residents.

SIXTH: This Agreement starts to run from the 1st. Of May 2010.

And to send a copy to the members of the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers, and to all others pertinent, this certification is issued at the Palace of the Revolution, on the 16th day of February 2010.
Amado Ricardo Guerra