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Book Casas Particulares and Apartments in MatanzasMatanzas - With beach and many activities

TIP: If in addition to Playa, you want activities, stay in Matanzas
To 30 kms of Varadero and with very good combination

And if you want to stay at the same Varadero, see our houses and apartments

Bus Schedule Viazul between Havana and Matanzas
Departures from Havana Havana at 8.30 - 12 - 17 and 19 hours. It takes two hours.

For more information consult Victor, owner of Villa Encanto in Matanzas



A good option to enjoy the Varadero Beach is to stay in the city of Matanzas, 30 kms from where there is good and cheap communication to go to Varadero beach in the mornings and more entertainment for the evenings-evenings.

In Matanzas there is also beach, in the same city, beautiful beach, and very close to another with coral reefs where you can dive between thousands of fish.

Our advice: On your trip to Cuba spend four or five days to go to Matanzas.

If you have more days you can do the trip in Viazul to Matanzas, and from there go to Trinidad and Cienfuegos. You can also go to Matanzas from any other city or make the trip in reverse (Habana - Trinidad - Cienfuegos - Matanzas-Habana)

Viazul: Company of modern coaches with all the comforts to travel throughout Cuba ( Book online. Four daily buses between Havana - Matanzas - Havana (see schedules). From Matanzas there are buses with Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, Cienfuegos and other localities.

Electric train Havana - Matanzas - La Habana. The train is called the Hershey. It takes 4 hours to cover the 85 km that there is because for 50 times along the way. Six times a day the journey. Cross the famous Yumuri valley. Not to return to Havana in a hurry. The train has traditionally been, and still is, the means by which the farmers of the country houses in the Yumuri Valley move to Havana to sell their produce. Enjoy the ride, it's wonderful.

DIVE ON CORAL BEACH .- If you like to dive, with or without bottles, you can do it in Coral Beach, a beautiful beach with coral reefs 10 kms from Matanzas. Ask for details


Go to the Caves of Bellamar and Montserrat. For transportation you can rent a taxi (very economical) or do the tour by urban bus (guagua), which is what we recommend ..

The bus passes through the door of Villa Encanto is number 12, an urban bus whose route is precisely Bellamar - Montserrat, which are two hills on either side of the city.

Tip.- You can sit on the outside terrace of Villa Encanto and taste, while waiting for the bus, a magnificent tropical fruit shake prepared by the owner, who is a specialist and a magnificent cook.

Bellamar Caves - Distan about 5 kms from the city, were discovered in the 19th century and are probably the most visited in Cuba. They have about 2 km of extension visitable, composed by crystalline formations and great variety of stalagmites and stalagmites. The lounges to which it is arrived descend and end in lakes of crystalline waters. View photos of Cuevas de Bellamar

Tip: Eat something in the caves of Bellamar, (at the entrance there are bars and restaurants between gardens), after the guided tour, admire the zun-zun (species of hummingbirds) that abound sucking the nectar of flowers. The entrance fee is 5 cuc per person.
Take the same bus (bus) back and go to the end of the journey, the bus is paid in cents of Cuban pesos (a centimo euro), it is a pleasure the landscape during the tour.

Montserrat .- It is a hill on the other side of the bay of Matanzas, (remember that to the side were the caves of Bellamar) from where there is a magnificent view of the bay of Matanzas and especially of the Yumuri Valley, beautiful, The Yamury River. Admire the landscape.
Visit there the hermitage of Montserrat, in honor of the patroness, who also is of Catalonia (the hermitage has been built in collaboration of Catalonia (Spain).

Tip: Take a mojito, or two, (you do not have to drive - drive) are great, and dancing, there is music and dancing everywhere, you are in Cuba.

Yumuri Valley, is only 3 kms from Matanzas and is one of the most picturesque landscapes of Cuba, crossed by the river of the same name. This rural landscape of singular attraction offers possibilities for practicing outdoor activities, such as trekking, horseback riding, cycling, and also talk and enjoy the company of families living in that area, humble and healthy people of heart. It is like escaping from the reality of cities and the stress of modern life. You can go by Taxi, Walking, cycling, etc.


Day of beaches. You can go to Varadero, the guaguas (buses) leave from the bus station that is two blocks from Villa Encanto. But there are many other means of economic transportation.

Varadero, one of the best beaches of the world. 30 kms from Matanzas. Fast and economic transportation by buses that leave just two blocks from Villa Encanto.

Coral Beach .- Wonderful beach 12 kms from Matanzas with a tropical coral reef, transparent waters, if you like to snorkel or watch with glasses, you will see thousands of goldfish, lobsters. It has water activities of all kinds, also diving at very good prices and snorkeling. (We will post photos soon)


In front of Coral Beach there is a paradise lake, half of fresh water and half of salt water, as it also connects with the sea, with 2.5 km of diameter, full of exotic birds, with boat service for your enjoyment, hiking, Of horses and donkeys, and exquisite codida creole.

Both the Lake and Coral Beach are declared an ecological zone.

Beach in the city center.- From the bay of Matanzas and connected to it by a small strait, a beautiful beach is born, in the middle of the city, which is like a beautiful circular lake, with a small isth that joins it with the bay.


Cave of Saturn. You can not miss another famous cave, the Cave of Saturn, also very close to Matanzas. The great attraction of this cave is that it has a large vault of stalactites and stalagmites and in the background a fresh water lake with an incredible transparency. And you can bathe, clean and fresh water, one would not go out of that place. View photos of Caves of Saturn

Stroll along the river Calimar by boat. The river Calimar is mighty and calm. Its shores with incredible tropical vegetation are full of exotic birds. ,

You can rent an all-terrain to reach a natural paradise on the mountain, or rent water bikes for the same purpose, or hop on a boat that crosses the river for up to 45 minutes until you reach a charming natural spot. There you can bathe in the river, eat lobster or whatever you want (at incredibly economic prices), enjoy activities such as riding a bike, or a bull (meek), see a great snake (majá), a caiman, etc, because There is a small zoo. Also rent a water bike (skate) to enjoy the river. To return, the same means of transport is used.

The price of the excursion by boat is between 12 and 15 cuc per person, (depending on the children or customs, and depart at 11.30 am and return at 4.30 pm. You can also rent a boat with capacity for 4 or 5 people and the price is 30 cuc per hour.


CONCLUSION: You can distribute the activities to your liking and perform others not contemplated. It all depends on the days of stay you have. Because sometimes everything is not seeing new things, it is also important to relax and enjoy the stay. If in the end you decide to return to Havana you can do it in Viazul or the Hershey train. If you want to continue traveling through Cuba you can go to Trinidad and Cienfuegos (click on these cities from the top menu to read about them).


The city of Matanzas, capital of the province of the same name, is a city of 144,000 inhabitants only 85 kms from Havana. Matanzas surrounds a bay of very calm waters.

The city is crossed by three rivers, Yumuri, San Juan and Calimar. It also has a beautiful coral reef just 10 kms (Coral Beach).

Matanzas is well communicated with other cities by means of luxurious buses (Viazul) or more modest but also new (ASTRO), in which Cuban pesos (and also foreigners) are paid in Cuban pesos (very economical). All have air conditioning.

Matanzas is just 10 kms from the international airport of Varadero and is 30 kms. Of the famous beach considered one of the best in the world. But there are no domestic flights from Matanzas, Cubana Aviacion offers them from Havana.