Rent a car in Cuba


Rent a car in Havana and other cities in Cuba with the main state agencies


The reservation is always better done online than once in Cuba, because it is more economical and also secures the reservation in the category of the desired vehicle.

TOTAL GUARANTEE: The reservation is made directly with the Online Car Rental Agency in Cuba Caribbean Travel Network, authorized to directly process reservations at the four official car rental agencies in Cuba (Cubacar, Rex, Rentacar and Havanautos).


IMPORTANT: Read if you need HELP to make your reservation.

1st screen: Search for available cars.
- Fill in the form, use the square of the calendar to put the places and date of collection of the car and delivery, the currency and age of the driver (over 21 years).

Click Search. The search process may take a while (be patient). At the end you will get the list of cars.

2nd screen: Results of the search with two options.
Option a) A screen that says "Sorry ..." if there are no cars available. Go back and modify the dates or places of delivery and collection.

Option b) A screen with the cars available in each company. If you do not like the models go back and modify dates or places of delivery and collection.

Confirm that you like some of the cars listed and the price. Under the price conditions (conditions), which explain the additional costs to pay when picking up the car (you will find translated in this help, see below).

Click "Select" to continue the reservation of the selected car.

3rd screen: Selection of the place of collection and delivery.
You will see the cities where there are several points of delivery and collection, in this screen you can select the exact place that interests you.
Click "proceed" to continue

4th screen: Details to make the reservation
- In "Reservation Summary" appears what you have selected and the total price.
- "Conditions" describe the conditions of car delivery in Cuba. Click here to see the translation of the conditions.
- In "Terms and Conditions" it is explained that you can cancel your reservation.

- If you do it before 72 hours of your arrival you will be paid all but 3% for expenses (minimum 15 euros)
- If you do it when less than 72 hours for collection, you are charged the first day of alquler.

- Fill in all the data and at the end press "Book" to confirm the reservation. Be sure to write your email well because it is where you will receive the confirmation of the reservation.

Email Confirmation:
At the end of the payment of the reservation, the agency sends you a proof of reservation and payment and another email from the supplier agency. You must print both emails to present them when picking up the car.

Additionally these are the charges to be paid in Cuba, when collecting the car: Translation of the "Conditions" screen -

- UNLIMITED MILEAGE usually refers to the rental of a minimum of 3 days.
- The following charges are payable directly in Cuba when picking up the car:

1.- Security deposit (refundable by credit card upon return of the car) between 150 and 800 CUC (depending on the car model).
2.- Insurance of the car: 15-40 CUC per day depending on the car model.
3 .- Collection fee at the airport of 20 CUC (when applicable).
4 .- Additional driver: Company REX - 10 CUC for each driver; CUBACAR and HAVANAUTOS companies: 3 CUC per driver PER DAY.
5 .- Charge for collection in different place of delivery: 20 - 30O CUC, depending on the distance between the collection and place of delivery.
6 .- Fuel in the tank: Special gasoline at 1.50 CUC / liter), Diesel 1.40 CUC / liter.
7 .- AUTOMATIC enrollment tax: 5 CUC per day.