Preparing the trip to Havana - Cuba


Reasons to travel to know Havana and everything it takes to make the trip


Why go to Havana - Cuba? :

Because it is a different country, where people care little about the material and gives more importance to human relations, music, dance, sex.

Because it has virgin and coral beaches, with coconut trees that reach almost water, because it is a tropical country with lush vegetation

Because its people are fantastic, cultured, conversational, with great sense of humor, where you can disconnect from your work life and responsibilities and have fun. All those who have gone to Cuba divide their life in a before and after their visit, because going to Cuba makes them reflect.

What do I need to go to Cuba?

To go to Cuba you need few paperwork, just pack your suit in light clothes, take a visa and a round trip ticket.
You do not need to be vaccinated or take any special health precautions, but you must have health insurance.

THE SUITCASE: Cuba is a tropical country, an eternal summer. The coldest months are January and February, maybe some night you need a light jacket. The warmest July and August, remember to rent an apartment or room with air conditioning.

The best footwear is sandals, at any time, but wear shoes and socks in case the friends you are sure to do in Cuba invite you to go to the theater or the ballet.

Wear light cotton clothing, and remember that there are places where you will not be allowed to enter short shorts, for example to the movies.

VISA or better call it TOURIST CARD: It is necessary to enter Cuba from any country. It is taken in the Cuban consulates and also in many travel agencies. It costs between 20 and 50 euros (or US dollars) depending on where you get it.

The tourist card serves for a stay of one month and renewal in Cuba of another month more. Citizens of some countries are allowed a stay of up to three months. If you want to spend more time in Cuba you have to leave the country and re-enter with a new visa or tourist card.

MEDICAL INSURANCE: It is mandatory to enter Cuba. You can take it out in your country, it's cheap. You can also take it out when you arrive in Cuba at the same airport. In Cuba it costs between 2 to 3 cuc (the CUC is equivalent to the American dollar) to the day, according to the cover read more .... The insurance basically covers your possible illnesses during your stay.

VACCINES: To go to Cuba it is not necessary to vaccinate of anything. Cuba is a well-advanced country, which for many years has banished habitual tropical diseases in neighboring countries. Even today, there is constant struggle against "dengue", with fumigations and constant controls.

PASSAGE: It is mandatory that the ticket is back and forth, on arrival, in immigration will ask for it, as well as ask the address of the house or apartment in which it will be housed.

ACCOMMODATION: It is mandatory, if asked by immigration officials on arrival, to say where they are going to stay, in Hotel, apartment or private house of legal rent.

It is not necessary to present a reservation boutcher or any document, only the name and address of the accommodation, so that they prove that it is legal. It does not serve any house, it must be bequeathed, that is to say, to be in possession of a license granted by the state and for which it has to pay a tax. In Cuba, a foreigner is not allowed to spend the night in unauthorized places.

All accommodations on our website are legally authorized to accommodate foreigners.