Procedures arrival at Havana airport, Cuba


Step by step description of the procedures to be carried out on arrival in Havana, Cuba


The first impression when you arrive in Cuba and leave the plane is a warm feeling. You are in a tropical country and the heat is not only in the ambient temperature but also in the way of being of the Cubans.

Welcome to Cuba.

If you are in terminal 3 of the Jose Marti airport in Havana, you must walk along the other passengers a hallway outside the departure lounge and down a mechanical stairs to the large room where the windows of the officers immigration.

There are many windows, there are people you can ask for help, if you are pregnant or have children, you have a preference to be taken care of.

At the immigration window you will be asked for the passport, the ticket along with the tourist visa or tourist card and they will ask you where you are going to stay.

Give the official the address of the apartment or house reserved when asked, it is not necessary to give any reserve paper or voucher, with your word is enough, but all foreigners must be located to help them in case of cyclones or emergencies.

The officer can verify that your accommodation is legal. All apartments and houses on our website are. Do not lie to the officer giving the address of a hotel, there is no need, tell the truth to save problems and discomfort on departure.

The window officer will take a photo with a web cam and will welcome you to Cuba by returning your documents.

From there you go to the luggage room and tapes where you will pick up the suitcase. Free carts are available.

There are two tapes, the suitcases can leave by the two or by any of the two indistinctly, so it has to watch both.

In this same room there is a CADECA (official currency exchange) open 24 hours. The change, as happens in other airports is usually a little higher than in other CADECAs, but change at least an amount for your first expenses and also ask for small bills to pay for the taxi.

Change what is necessary to give a signal to the owner of the apartment or rented house. Once in the city you can change more money according to your needs. Remember that in Cuba almost everything is paid in cash, the use of credit cards is not widespread. The surplus Cuban money can change it back to the exit... more information about the Cuban currency.

Normally, if you are a foreigner, you will not need to weigh your luggage, as 30 kilograms per person are allowed, but if the official who watches the exit considers that you are carrying more than 30 kilograms, you may be asked to go to the weight room and if you carry Overweight must pay 10 cuc per additional kilogram.

Remember that you do not have to pay anything at the airport for staying in a house or apartment on our website. The accommodation is paid exclusively to the owner upon arrival. The services of the web are free.

Remember that you only have to inform the immigration window officer where you will be staying. If asked other people may be to offer you other accommodations that may be illegal. Do not listen to them and do not be fooled.

Once all the paperwork has been completed, it is time to go outside. Before you have to go through a room where the relatives are waiting and where our taxi driver will surely wait with a sign in your name if you have requested this service.

Look good to locate our taxi driver

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