How to book a Private House or Apartment in Havana or cities of Cuba

To RESERVE you must fill in the questionnaire of the accommodation that you like most (ONE QUESTIONNAIRE BY CITY)

SAY in the same questionnaire other alternative accommodations in case this one did not have availability

- This questionnaire is received by one of our booking coordinators.
- In Cuba, few people have internet, so it is usually necessary the intervention of a coordinator
- The coordinator will call the selected house and if there is availability will write asking if you want to confirm the reservation.
- In case there is no availability, the employee can offer you a similar alternative in another accommodation.

- Fill in all the fields, the owners ask them to make sure it is a serious request
- Flight data (Airline, flight number and arrival time) guarantee that it is a safe journey.


1.- GENERALLY, the majority of accommodations are paid upon arrival, to the owner of the house, in cash and at CUC.

2.- EXCEPTIONS: Some very luxurious owners, or with swimming pool, or beach, require a deposit as a guarantee of your reservation. In these cases you will be informed when responding to your request and if you agree, how to get the income to the owners directly. If you do not agree, you can reserve another house whose owners do not require the advance, which are the majority.

- Our services are COMPLETELY FREE

- At the airport there is CADECA (Exchange House) open 24 hours.

- Information on the Cuban currency, the CUC


The price of all accommodation is updated on the web. No need to ask.
In Cuba there is no haggling, prices are not negotiable, if there is any discount is also mentioned in the description of the accommodation

The price of the accommodation includes the cleaning of the same and change of the bed linen, towels, soap and toilet paper.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as laundry are separate and the price is contracted at destination according to menu.

All the accommodations are exclusive for you, in the apartments you are given keys, in the family houses the room is exclusive for you and also the bathroom, it does not share it with other guests, only the common spaces are shared if they are family houses.

- All the houses of our website are legally authorized to accommodate foreigners
- If you are not going to use the reservation, cancel it as soon as possible by writing to us again. Do not leave good families waiting for you.