Hostel in Casa Particular of Dalia in Old Havana


Rent three rooms with bathroom in a House with terrace of Old Havana. The rooms are on the first floor of a house of two heights, with terrace

It has a large terrace to enjoy and have breakfast and dinner (although we do not even have photos of it)

Prices updated to

- 30 cuc / night for each room for one or two people
- 35 cuc / night for a room for up to three people
- 45 cuc / night for a room for up to four people

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- House with magnificent conditions, with living room, three bedrooms and large terrace
- Each room with two beds
- Each room with private bathroom, hot water 24 hours, 110 and 220 volts
- Each room with air conditioning
- State controlled secure parking nearby

- Gastronomy service - Breakfast and meals at the request of the guests, prices to be agreed upon according to the menu ... ready more

- Information about partner ... read more
- Legally authorized to accommodate foreigners
- The price includes cleaning, bed linen, toilet paper, soap and towels.

LOCATION: Picota Street between Luz and Acosta Streets. Old Havana What is Old Havana?

See the approximate situation on a map of Havana

The address will be sent to you upon confirmation of your reservation.

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