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We are a group of friends of several nationalities, also Cubans. The majority came from the world of international cooperation and volunteering and we met in Cuba. We are united by an immense love for Cuba, it is our paradise, we always go that we can and we all have in "the pearl of the Caribbean", deep bonds of friendship and affective.

From our website we try to guide who goes to Cuba (free of charge) about what to do, what to visit and where to stay.

The owners of the private homes themselves answer and resolve their doubts when they have email or we send their answers.

Cuba is a unique country, with an incredibly beautiful geography, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, beaches of white coral sand, a paradise for diving and rest.

Havana is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But the best thing about Cuba is its people, its kindness, its kindness, respect and its culture will surprise you pleasantly. Go to Cuba, it's worth it, it's one of the best experiences you'll ever remember.

His life will be divided into two parts, before the trip to Cuba and after the trip.

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