Currency exchange in Cuba, updated exchange rate. The CUC, the Cuban peso

The CUC, also called peso convertible is the currency that circulates in Cuba for most transactions, although there is another National Currency (mn) of value 25 times less than the Cubans use to buy in agros and butchers or to go to the movies.

The tourist has to pay if everything in CUC that is equivalent to the US dollar and fluctuates in their exchange value equal to the dollar. However if you bring dollars to Cuba, the change is taxed with 10%, so it is advisable to change to euros in your country and bring Euros to Cuba

For 100 euros they will give you 110 cuc approximately
For 100 US dollars they will give you approximately 86 cuc

Private houses and apartments are paid in cash and in CUC, and all are paid in cash except some supermarkets or hotels that accept credit cards.

In order to change and withdraw money, in addition to banks, there are in Cuba the so-called CADECA (CAsa DE CAmbio), of which there are many distributed in the cities, where you can withdraw money with your credit card (it is necessary to teach the passport).

- VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards are accepted as long as they have not been issued by US banks

EYE: If the branch of your Bank that issues your card in your country is from the United States, your card will NOT be accepted

- No Travelers Checks are exchanged.

It is best to bring cash to Cuba and stay in Apartments and Private Houses legal

At the airport there is a CADECA open 24 hours. Change before you leave for your first expenses. Also demand small bills to pay the taxi driver. Do not change money on the street, always change personally in CADECAs and Banks.

When you leave Cuba you can change your CUC to dollars (without surcharge) or euros. The exit rate is suppressed.

If you need help or advice, ask the owner of the house where you are rented.

In Cuba only change currencies of some countries (see table):

Exchange rates are approximate. To see them updated, consult the website of the
Metropolitan Bank of Cuba: