Accommodation areas in the city of Havana

City areas to stay in Private Houses and apartments in Havana. Habana Vieja, Centro Habana, Vedado, Miramar, Beach

For those who come to a city for the first time, it is very important to know the best areas to stay according to their interests and needs.

A frequent mistake is to believe that Havana has beaches, because it is not. Havana is on the edge of the sea, but what separates the city from the water is a very long promenade known as "Malecon", which is especially popular in the evenings. The most crowded areas are the one at the end of Calle 23, in Vedado, known as "Rampa" to which we will refer, and the two kilometers of Malecon located opposite "Centro Habana"

Plano real de alojamientos en La Habana

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HABANA VIEJA (OLD HAVANA): It is the most eastern part of Havana, it is the first one to be built. It is a sprawling area of intricate pedestrian alleyways that begins at El Capitolio (Copy of Washington) and extends to the harbor, an area full of small bars and restaurants with live music. It also has great Places such as the Cathedral, the Plaza de Armas, and other smaller and typical.

As a lodging area, Old Havana has in general houses and apartments older than other areas of Havana, so we advise you for lovers of the traditional and for those who in their stay in Havana like the pedestrian atmosphere of its alleys And typical places. Old Havana is ideal to visit during the mornings, while Vedado is more crowded in the evenings.

CENTRO HABANA (HAVANA CENTER) : When historically the city was inhabited, it expanded towards the west, since towards the East was located the port, constituting what is known as Havana Center because it is equidistant from Vedado to the west and Old Havana to the east. Their constructions are more modest than those of Vedado and more humble than those of Old Havana, many of them deteriorated by the passage of time and hence its attractiveness, for it seems to us suddenly to feel that we go back fifty years in time.

As a lodging area, Centro Habana places us halfway between Vedado and Old Havana so it is easy to walk to both areas and also has many attractions such as giving us the possibility to live deep Havana so revived in films. The whole area of the Malecon, in front of Centro Habana, is filled by the nights of young boys and girls, guitars, music, sellers of "chicharritas" and "mani" and good atmosphere.

VEDADO:In the era of greater prosperity in Havana it became fashionable for the most prosperous people in Cuba to become a large house in Vedado. Today is an area that houses large houses and solid apartment buildings, such as the Focsa, of 33 heights. The area also has luxurious hotels, such as the Hotel Nacional, Hotel Habana Libre, Hotel Vedado, etc. In all of them, even if you are not staying, you can enjoy the pools at modest prices as well as the bar and cafeterias.

Vedado has a cosmopolitan atmosphere, is full of terraces where to sit to enjoy a mojito or a beer, night shows, nightclubs, pubs, bars and restaurants of all kinds and with varied food.

The central area is located on Calle 23, from the "golden corner" where the Hotel Habana Libre and the famous "Copelia" ice cream parlor are located, to the malecon where the National Hotel cascade is located. This half-kilometer street is also called "Rampa".

As a lodging area, Vedado is the most requested.


Going west from Vedado and after crossing the Rio Almendares by one of its two tunnels (if you travel by car) you reach the extensive residential area of Miramar, consisting of thousands of single-family houses with garden.

As a lodging area, Miramar is quieter and is requested by tourists looking for more exclusive accommodations although they are somewhat more expensive. Although they are more distant of the zones of diversion and the majority of the tourists that occupy them rent a car can also be booked by people without a car as taxis are very cheap in Cuba and have a radio taxi, can be called by phone.

PLAYA: More to the west of Miramar is Playa, a residential area similar to Miramar but with more luxurious and sumptuous houses, many with swimming pool. It is important to note that despite the name NO BEACH. The areas of good beaches of Havana are located to the east of the city (Playas del Este), 15 or 20 kms. Of Havana.

As a lodging area, Playa is even more luxurious than the Miramar area. The houses are sumptuous and most have large pools. These houses with pool are expensive because they also pay a special tax for their rental license.