Apartments MORAIMA in Vedado, Havana


TWO APARTMENTS are rented, both with independent entrance, with terrace, in first line facing the sea

Apartment 1 front, facing the sea, two rooms (configurable as one or two rooms)

Apartment 2, rear, side to the sea, can be configured as one or two rooms

These apartments are the most demanded of Havana

Prices updated to

- 30 cuc / night for each apartment

APARTMENT 1 (front): 35 cuc / night with ONE room for up to two people (Room 1)
APARTMENT 1 (front): 70 cuc / night with TWO rooms for up to four people (Room 1 and 4)

APARTMENT 2 (back): 30 cuc / night with ONE room for up to two people (Room 2)
APARTMENT 2 (back): 60 cuc / night with TWO rooms for up to four people (Room 2 and 3)

The room 3 costs 25 cuc / nche is the one that is added to the apartment 2 since it has entrance by the back terrace (closes the door of access to the family house). This room also has sea view

Room 4 (see photos), costs 30 cuc / night can be rented loose and is the one that is added to the apartment 1 (front) with independent entrance, balcony and private bathroom.

Read about prices and discounts and also about currency exchange

CHARACTERISTICS: Moraima accommodation occupies a fourth floor with elevator

Apartament 1 of TWO rooms consists of:

- Large living room, with sofa, TV, etc.
- One room BAR
- Two double rooms, both with air conditioning
- A private bathroom with shower, hot water 24 hours and 110 and 220 volts
- A large terrace overlooking the sea (Malecon)

Apartment 2 of a room (and configurable as two rooms):

- A double room, very spacious, with air conditioning, television, etc.
- Private bathroom and separate entrance
- Very spacious private bathroom with hot water 24 hours and 110 and 220 volts
- A large terrace overlooking the city, National Hotel and sea view

Room 3:

- It has entrance and exit to the large back terrace where you can communicate with apartment 2.

- Can be added to apartment 2, transforming into a two-room apartment or can be rented independently.

The room 3 also has entrance by the family house and private bathroom and can be rented independently to the rest at 25 cuc / night. It also has sea views

From 5 pm Moraima leaves the house alone (not overnight) so it can be considered as a private and independent apartment.

Room 4:

- It has independent entrance and balcony and can be let loose or communicate with the front apartment.

- It has private bathroom (see photos)

Details common to both apartments:

- IMPORTANT: Apartment 2 is quieter as it does not get traffic noise, it also has a larger terrace with sun loungers. We advise you.

The 3rd room of the house has three windows with magnificent views.

- Both are in an attic (fourth floor) with elevator, facing the sea
- Keys are delivered
- There is Security Safe
- Secure car park

- Information about partner ... read more
- Legally authorized to accommodate foreigners
- The price includes cleaning, bed linen, toilet paper, soap and towels.

The area is full of bars and restaurants of all types and prices


LOCATION: At the corner of Calle 23 (Rampa) and Malecon, in Vedado What is Vedado?

Ver fotos del alojamiento en La HabanaSee the approximate situation on a map of Havana

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